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4 Inch Half Moon Lumbar Cushion

4 Inch Half Moon Lumbar Cushion

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Experience ultimate comfort and support with our 4 Inch Half Moon Lumbar Cushion. Featuring two options to cater to your preference, the 4" D-shaped firm lumbar comes with a removable gray cover for easy maintenance and a sleek black strap for added convenience. Whether you're seeking gentle relaxation or sturdy posture alignment, our Half Moon Lumbar Cushion provides the perfect solution to enhance your sitting experience and promote overall well-being.


Comfortable Lumbar Support
Providing comfortably firm support, the Vive half moon lumbar cushion relieves painful pressure on the lower back by promoting proper posture when seated. The 4” thick cushion mimics the natural curvature of the lumbar spine to reduce fatigue and tension when seated for extended periods.

Use With Any Seat
Featuring an adjustable elastic strap with a quick-release buckle, the 4” half moon lumbar cushion can be easily secured to any chair or seat up to 45”. Perfect for use at home, in the office or on the go, the half moon cushion is designed to rest flush against airline seats, office chairs and car seats for customizable support.

Firm Foam Cushioning
The 4” half moon lumbar cushion is made with firm resilient foam that retains its shape for comfortable daily use. The high density polyurethane foam is also protected from dust and dirt with an inner fabric layer.

Zippered Mesh Cover
Constructed with a soft, breathable mesh material, the zippered cover allows heat and moisture to quickly dissipate so you remain cool and dry throughout the day.


What’s Included:

1pc foam with inner fabric cover

1pc gray mesh removable cover with zip and a black strap

Color(s): Gray cover + black strap

Size(s): 4”

Product Dimensions: 32cm length * 19cm height * 10.5cm depth

Product Weight: about 354 grams

Material(s): 100%polyester + 100% polyurethane foam

Latex free: Yes


spot clean cover with a damp cloth.

Do NOT machine wash or dry.

Air dry

Spot clean foam

How To Use:

Loosen the adjustable strap

Place the half moon lumbar cushion on the chair with the adjustable strap positioned behind the back of the chair

Tighten the adjustable strap to secure the lumbar cushion in place

To remove: unbuckle the quick release buckle and remove the half moon lumbar cushion from the chair

Care Instructions:

Spot clean the removable mesh cover with a damp cloth and mild detergent as needed. Do not machine wash or tumble dry

Spot clean foam cushion with a damp cloth and mild detergent as needed. Do not machine wash


Elastic strap can fit a chair up to 45 inches in diameter.

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