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3-Loop Hammer Toe Splint

3-Loop Hammer Toe Splint

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eparating and straightening problem toes, the ViveSole 3-loop hammer toe splints gentle realign hammer, claw, mallet and overlapping toes to effectively relieve pain, friction and irritation. The toe straighteners are contoured for optimal support and are flexible for a comfortable fit on any toe size. Made with a soft, yet durable composite material, the washable toe splints are slim for easily wearing with any shoe style.


Straighten And Support Painful Toes
Providing a soft layer of supportive cushioning under problem toes, the ViveSole three-loop hammertoe splints gently align and straighten hammer toes to relieve pain and discomfort. The set includes two pairs of cushioned toe crests to relieve claw curling, mallet or hammertoes and also ease metatarsal and forefoot pain for an effective non-invasive alternative to corrective surgery.

Three Toe Loop Design
Gentle stretching to accommodate most toe sizes, the hammer toe splint features three toe loops that separate and straighten the toes. The toe corrector crest is contoured for a comfortable, more supportive fit that eliminates friction and irritation.

Comfortable Fit In Any Shoe
Suitable for both men and women, the low profile toe straightener can be worn with or without socks and hosiery and easily fits in any shoe style including athletic, dress and casual shoes and boots.

Resilient Cushioning Material
Constructed with a soft, latex-free composite material, the three-loop hammer toe splint is resilient and will not flatten out. The toe straighteners are easy to clean for comfortable daily use.


What’s Included: 2 pairs of gel hammer toe splints (4pcs total)

Color(s): White

Size(s): One size

Product Dimensions:

Width of the toe splint: 22.57mm

Length of the toe splint: 73.86mm

Product Weight: 0.041 lbs for 2pc and 0.021 lbs for 1pc

Material(s): SEBS

Latex free: Yes


Rinse under warm water and wash with mold soap.

Dry immediately. Keep dry.



  • Powdered
  • Not antimicrobial
  • Flexible durable SEBS material. Soft
  • Contoured shape to fit the foot better (image below)
  • Thickness of the rings 6.68mm
  • Thickness of the bottom small ring 4.75mm
  • Thickness of the bottom middle ring:6.93
  • Thickness of the top ring: 7.97mm
  • The diameter of the toe hole
  • Left and right options
  • 2pcs for left and 2pcs for right
  • Can be worn with sandals and under socks (not over socks)
  • Can be used while running (but there will be discomfort)
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