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3-Layer Toe Separators

3-Layer Toe Separators

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3-Layer Toe Separators

Providing soft cushioning between sore, irritated toes, the ViveSole 3-Layer Toe Separators gently separate and realign crooked and overlapping toes. The reusable toe spacer set is also great for protecting calluses, corns, ingrown toenails and hot spots from painful pressure, pinching and cramping. Made with multiple layers of foam and polyfoam, our toe pads are slim to comfortably wear with any shoe style and can be worn while barefoot. Each set includes four large, eight medium and eight small toe separators.


Alleviate Friction And Irritation
Our ViveSole three-layer toe separators provide discreet, comfortable cushioning for problem toes. The foam toe spacers protect calluses, corns, blisters and hot spots from painful friction while standing, walking, dancing and running.

Soft, Cushioning Foam
Cushioning and protecting sore toes and those with ingrown toenails, our toe separators are made with three layers of foam. The latex-free polyfoam toe spacers aid in gently realigning crooked toes, overlapping toes and separating cramped toes.

Sized For Every Toe
Three sizes of foam toe separators are included for relieving painful pressure between any toe, including the big toe. The low-profile toe spreaders can be worn with or without socks and in any shoe style.

Includes 20 Spacers
Each set includes four large toe spacers, eight medium toe separators and eight small separators. The large foam separators are ideal as big toe spacers, relieving bunion pain and irritation. The medium and small separators work well between the last four toes, comfortably fitting most adults.



  • What’s Included: 

    • 20pcs/pk

    • 8 small pcs

    • 8 medium pcs

    • 4 large pcs

  • Color(s): Teal

  • Size(s): Sm,Med,Lrg

  • Product Dimensions: See below Thickness 12mm for all sizes

  • Product Weight: 0.0058

  • Product Material(s): Foam/polyfoam

  • Latex free: Yes

  • Care: 

    • Hand wash in Warm, soapy water.

    • Rinse thoroughly. 

    • Press flat on a towel to remove excess moisture.

    • Air dry completely before use.

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