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SoftCaire DX (Delux System) Alternating Pressure Mattress

SoftCaire DX (Delux System) Alternating Pressure Mattress

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Quick Connector with Cap

• Ensures Mattress remains inflated during power outage or patient transport.

CPR function

• Allows rapid deflation in case of medical emergencies.

• Designed for one handed operation.

• Positioned at head end.

Pillow Function

• Head zone comprised of three fully inflated static air cells to provide patient comfort.

Square Cell-on-Cell Bladder

• Unique two-layer cell structure provides both alternation therapy and constant support in case of power-outage

or transportation.

Heel Function

• Provides single air cell deflation to float the heels with zero pressure.

Spring-loaded Tube

• Spring are emplaced within air tubes to prevent unnecessary bending of tubes and ensure consistent airflow.

• Incorporates an 8 inch cell-on-cell mattress design that can maintain basic support during power failure or

patient transport.

• Utilizes Bi-elastic Nylon/PU top cover that is water resistant, vapor permeable, and anti-bacterial.


Weight Setting Control: Digital
Dimension: 12.2”L x 4.9”W x 8.25”H
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Air Output: 9 liter/min
Case Material: Flame Retardant Abs
Pressure Range: 20-55 mmHg
Cycle Time: 10/15/20/25 min
Power Supply: 120V/60 Hz
Power Cord Length: 14' 9"
Inflated Dimension: 80”L x 35”W x 8”H
Alternating: A/B Alternating
Structure: 20 x 8” Cell on Cell
Cover Material: Nylon/PU Quilted with Zipper
Cell Material: Nylon/TPU
Base Material: Durable Nylon/PVC 840D
Maximum Weight Capacity: 450 lbs
Flame Retardant Standards: BS6807 Crib 5/ BS7175 Crib 5




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