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Humeral Fracture Splint Coretech (Upper)

Humeral Fracture Splint Coretech (Upper)

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Dependable aid for stabilizing upper arm fractures while preserving mobility in the forearm and hand. It provides crucial support and immobilization, all while including a convenient arm sling for added assistance. Discover the ideal fusion of support and freedom of movement with the Humeral Fracture Splint, an essential tool for anyone on their journey to recovery.


  • Supports Humerus Healing
    Our Adjustable Humeral Fracture Splint is expertly crafted to limit unnecessary motion, provide gentle compression, and stabilize the humerus bone precisely at a 90° angle. This ensures that your healing process is optimized, promoting a quicker and more effective rehabilitation.

  • Perfect For Long-Term Use
    Designed with your comfort in mind, our brace and arm sling are tailored for all-day wear. You can confidently rely on them to support your recovery journey, and if your doctor recommends it, they can even be comfortably worn at night.

  • Unisex
    We understand that healing knows no gender, which is why our Humeral Fracture Splint offers personalized support for both men and women. Its adjustable design accommodates arm circumferences of up to 19.5 inches, whether on the right or left arm, ensuring a snug and secure fit for all.

  • Comfortable Materials
    Our commitment to your well-being extends to the materials we use. The splint features a breathable and soft inner lining that prevents skin irritation and helps reduce moisture buildup, keeping you comfortable and focused on your recovery.


  • What’s Included:
        • 1x Sarmiento Brace
        • 1x Arm Sling
        • 4x additional padding
      • Color(s): Sarmiento Brace - Black, Arm Sling - Black
      • Size(s): One size fits most
      • Product Weight: 
        • Humeral splint: 0.73 lbs
        • Arm sling: 0.15 lbs
  • Product Material(s):
      • Sarmiento Brace: PP / NYLON / PE / PU FOAM / POM
      • Arm Sling: POLYESTER/ PU FOAM / POM
    • Latex free: Yes except for the elastic loop
    • Care: Remove inner padding, hand wash cold with mild detergent. Hang dry.


    • Specifically designed for mid-humerus fractures
    • Deep bruising of the humerus bone (between elbow and shoulder)
    • Keeps the humerus stabilized and compressed for rehabilitation 
    • Limits motion so that it heals correctly
    • All day wear 
    • Unisex
    • Fits left/right 
    • Arm sling included for aid in immobilization
    • Measure around the biceps
      • Max circumference around the bicep: 19.5"
      • Bicep straps cut to size. Can be cut down if needed
      • Width of bicep straps: 38mm
    • Arm sling
      • 55 inches length
      • Elastic secured loop
      • Neck padding 21.5cm x 5.5cm width
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