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Hot and Cold Wrap

Hot and Cold Wrap

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  • Hands free hot or cold therapy

  • Reduces pain, swelling and inflammation

  • Adjustable stretch strap fits arms, legs, feet, back, knees & more

  • Flexible when frozen for targeted relief

  • Reusable and leakproof

  • 60 Day Guarantee


  • Instant Targeted Relief

Hot and cold gel pack provides targeted relief for the neck, back, shoulders, hip, wrist, knee and more

  • Frozen Flexibility

Frozen gel retains some flexibility to contour to the body to effectively reduce swelling, inflammation and pain

  • Secure Fit

Adjustable fastener straps ensure a secure, non-slip fit for active individuals

  • Leak Proof Pack

Durable multi-purpose gel pack is leak proof

  • Non-Toxic Gel

Wrap contains high grade, non-toxic gel

  • Lightweight First Aid Essential

Thin and lightweight, the gel pack is a welcome addition to first aid supplies


  • What's Included:

    • Multipurpose gel pack

    • 60 Day Guarantee

  • Uses: For cold or hot therapy to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation

  • Dimensions:

    • Gel pack: 14.5” x 5.75”

    • Stretch pack: 14.5” x 2.38”

    • Fastener strap: 7.75” x 2”

  • Sizing:One size fits most

  • Materials:

    • PVC

    • Nylon

  • How To Use For Cold Therapy:

    • Store gel pack laying flat in the freezer and refrigerate for at least 2 hours

    • Apply the gel pack to the desired area over a cloth or towel

  • How to Use for Heat Therapy:

    • Hot Water Method

    • Bring a pot of water to a boil.

    • Remove water from heat source.

    • Submerge the gel pack in the water for approximately 8-10 minutes.

    • Remove the pack from the water and wipe it to dry.

    • Apply the gel pack to the desired area over a cloth or towel.

    • Microwave Method:

      • Lay pack flat in the microwave on a paper towel or paper plate.

      • Heat at full power for 30 seconds.

      • Remove pack carefully from microwave and knead to distribute heat evenly. Check for desired temperature.

      • To reheat, place pack back in microwave for 10-second intervals until desired temperature is reached.

      • Apply the gel pack to the desired area over a cloth or towel.

  • Care Instructions:

    • Wipe down with a damp cloth to clean.

    • Dry with lint-free cloth.

    • Do not machine wash.

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