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Headrest Travel Pillow

Headrest Travel Pillow

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Rest easy on any flight or long trip by bus, car or train with the Xtra-Comfort Inflatable Headrest Travel Pillow. This unique travel pillow is angled to support the head, neck, shoulders and arms in a comfortable, neutral position for maximum comfort. The travel headrest is exceptionally lightweight and is very compact when deflated for storing in a small bag, backpack or even a large coat pocket.  


  • Comfortably Rest Anywhere
    Perfect for airline travel, the Xtra-Comfort inflatable headrest travel pillow comfortably supports the head, neck and arms while in a seated position. The soft travel pillow also alleviates discomfort and stiffness in the neck and shoulders so you can rest in comfort. 

  • Angled for Perfect Support
    Allowing your head, neck and shoulders to rest in a neutral position, the travel pillow is perfectly angled to promote proper alignment while resting and sleeping. The angled pillow reduces strain on the spine for a more comfortable travel experience. 

  • Easy to Inflate
    Quickly inflate the headrest pillow with a few breaths. The valve design also allows the travel headrest pillow to be quickly deflated for easily storing away before deboarding the plane, bus or train. 

  • Designed for Travel
    Exceptionally lightweight, the Xtra-Comfort inflatable headrest travel pillow is perfect for long flights, road trips and more. Made with a durable material and a soft, flocked exterior, the inflatable headrest is compact when deflated for easily carrying in a carry-on, tote bag, backpack or briefcase. 


  • What’s Included: One Pillow

  • Color(s): Navy

  • Product Dimensions: 18” x 12” x 9”

  • Product Weight: .6lbs

  • Material(s): PVC with flocking

  • Latex free: Yes

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