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Gel Thumb Support

Gel Thumb Support

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Stabilizing and supporting the wrist and thumb joint, the gel wrist brace minimizes pain, swelling and inflammation with comfortable, compression support. Supporting the base of the thumb and the wrist, the gel wrist sleeves are great for those with tendonitis, arthritis and general wrist pain. The flexible gel stretches to accommodate most adult wrist sizes with a discreet appearance. Soft and soothing, the latex-free gel is tear-resistant and lightweight, perfect for everyday activities.


  • Pain-Relieving Thumb And Wrist Support
    Providing gentle compression support for the thumb and wrist, the Vive gel thumb brace effectively relieves pain, swelling and inflammation. Great for arthritis, tendonitis and repetitive stress injuries, the hand brace soothes sore, aching wrists and thumbs. 

  • Flexible Gel Brace

Perfect support for everyday tasks, the flexible gel brace allows for a full range of motion while providing gentle compression support. Type, cook, write and play with the support of the durable gel wrist braces. 

  • Versatile Fit
    Flexible gel wrist braces safely and easily stretch to accommodate most wrist sizes. Suitable for men and women, the slim gel sleeves are discreet, easily worn under long-sleeved clothing and gloves. 

  • Lightweight, Latex-Free Gel
    Constructed with a durable, medical grade gel material, the stabilizing wrist and thumb brace is latex-free and waterproof. Easy to clean, the gel is tear-resistant, lightweight and odor-free for comfortable all-day wear. 


  • What’s Included:

    • Vive gel thumb wrist brace

    • 60 day guarantee

  • Uses:

    • Stabilizes and supports wrist and thumb to relieve pain, swelling and inflammation

    • Relieves arthritis, tendonitis pain and repetitive stress injury pain

  • Material: Latex-free gel

  • Care Instructions:

    • Hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent

    • Air dry completely before use

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