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Vive Health

Folding Commode

Folding Commode

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Providing a convenient option for those needing an easily accessible toilet, the Vive folding commode is exceptionally sturdy, being manufactured with a durable stainless steel frame. The adjustable commode chair includes an extra large 7.5-quart capacity pail with a lid and splash guard. Non Skid rubber tips on each leg provide extra stability while the soft armrests provide a comfortable, secure grip. Great for seniors or those with limited mobility, the folding commode can be used as a standalone commode, a toilet safety rail or as an elevated seat for an existing toilet. The commode frame folds flat for easy storage and transport.


  • Versatile Bedside Commode Option
    Providing a convenient solution to meet the needs of a loved one or patient, the folding commode is lightweight and has a 7.5-quart capacity pail with a lid and splash guard. The handles provide a soft, nonslip grip for added stability. Can be used as a standalone unit, as a safety toilet rail frame or as an elevated toilet seat for an existing toilet and easily folds away for convenient storage and transport. Great for seniors and those with limited mobility. 

  • Tool-Free Assembly And Adjustments
    Assembly is quick and easy, requiring no special tools. Each push pin audibly clicks into place to ensure safety and stability.  Easy tool-free adjustments raise or lower the chair height to safely accommodate any individual. The leg height is adjustable from 16.5” to 22” for individual comfort. 

  • Durable Non Slip Design
    Lightweight and corrosion resistant, the stainless steel construction provides a sturdy bedside option with a weight capacity up to 350 lbs. Each leg is tipped with a non-marking, non skid rubber cap for extra stability. The armrests are also covered with a soft, closed-cell foam for a comfortable and secure grip when standing or sitting.

  • Easy Maintenance
    The generously sized, 7.5 quart pail is easy to empty, with a convenient carry handle and pail cover to reduce splashes and spills. The pail can also be used with most standard commode liners for added convenience. The folding commode can be wiped down with disinfectant wipes or similar solution.



  • What’s Included:
        • 1x Folding Commode
        • 1x 60 day guarantee
  • Materials:
        • Coated steel frame
        • Closed-cell foam handles
        • Composite pail
  • Dimensions:
        • Adjustable height at the seat: 16.5” to 22.5”
        • Adjustable height at the handrails: 24” to 30”
        • Width at the base: 21.75”
        • Width at the arm rails: 18”
        • Depth: 19”
        • Pail diameter: 13.75” 
  • How To Assemble:
        • Open the commode frame so it rests flat on the floor.
        • Slide the pail hook over the latch on the back of the commode frame.
        • Insert the front crossbar into the front legs until an audible click is heard.
        • Turn the frame upside down, then insert each leg by depressing the push pins and sliding in place until an audible click is heard.
        • Turn the frame right-side up, then insert the outward-facing backrest into the frame until an audible click is heard. 
        • Attach the toilet seat and lid.
        • Lower the commode pail into the frame. 
  • Care Instructions:
      • Wipe down with disinfectant wipes or similar solution.
      • Accommodates standard commode liners
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