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Transport Chair Rental

Transport Chair Rental

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Easily move patients or loved ones around the home or on the go with the Vive foldable transport wheelchair. Safely supporting up to 300 pounds, the durable wheelchair features a wide, 19” seat and a padded backrest and armrest for exceptional comfort. The transport chair features two folding points to fold flat for compact storage and easy transportation in most vehicles. Constructed with durable aluminum, the wheelchair includes 12-inch tires and dual hand brakes for greater stability and safety on any surface.


  • Safe, Comfortable Transportation
    Providing safe, comfortable mobility for adult patients and loved ones, the Vive foldable wheelchair features a wide 19” seat, padded armrests, a quick-release seat belt, and a breathable, padded backrest. The transport chair is easy to maneuver both indoors and out with large, 12-inch rear tires for greater stability and traction.


  • Easily Folds Flat
    The transport wheelchair folds flat for convenient storage and travel. Compact for easy portability, the backrest and handle section also folds down to easily fit in most vehicles. 

  • Durable Adjustable Frame
    Pre-assembled, the wheelchair frame is constructed with durable aluminum that safely supports up to 300 pounds. The foldable wheelchair features adjustable footrests that can easily be raised or lowered for greater patient comfort. 

  • Ergonomic Handles
    Designed to reduce hand and wrist fatigue, the handles are gently angled outward and are covered with a textured grip for greater comfort. The transport chair also includes loop hand brakes to lock the wheels during transfers. 


  • What’s Included:
      • Transport Wheelchair
  • Uses:
      • Mobility aid for transporting another individual
      • Not suitable for self-transportation
  • Dimensions:
      • Base when open: 19” by 32”
      • Handle Height: 40”
      • Front Wheels: 8”
      • Back Wheels: 12”
      • Folded: 8.25” by 30”
      • Seat Widths: 19”
      • Seat Depth: 16"
  • How To Assemble:
      • Unfold the transport wheelchair by slowly pulling the armrests a part until the seat is fully extended
      • Raise the hand grips upward until the backrest is fully extended and the bars snap into place with an audible click
      • Position the footrests on the placement tabs on the transport chair frame. Swing the footrests towards the center to engage the locking lever
      • How To Adjust The Footrest Height:
        • Remove the footrest by releasing the locking lever and swinging the footrest outward
        • Using a 14mm wrench, loosen the bolt on the underside of the footrest assembly
        • Raise or lower the footplate to the desired position, ensuring the footplate will be a minimum of 2” from the floor for safe clearance
        • Tighten the bolt and reinstall the footrest
      • How To Fold the Transport Wheelchair:
        • Locate two black tabs on the back of the transport chair frame and push the tabs downward to release the handles
        • Gently lower the hand grips until they are tucked neatly against the seat of the chair. Note: the hand grips do not extend under the seat
        • Holding both armrests, pull the armrests together until the seat is completely folded
  • Care Instructions:
    • Using a dry, soft cloth, wipe down the frame weekly. For thorough cleaning, use an automotive wax or similar product
    • If exposed to moisture, dry immediately
    • Do not use abrasive cleaners
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