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Chair Risers

Chair Risers

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Add height to your home furniture and move household objects with ease with the Vive Chair Risers. Great for young children, adults, or seniors, these chair risers add a boost to the base of furniture, for an easier time sitting and standing. An extendable design allows you to create a personalized fit ranging from 17” to 40”, with strong aluminum rods that lock into place to avoid skidding. Each riser provides 3” of height to suit a variety of needs. Enjoy a stylish and discreet way to customize your home and promote easier mobility.


Easier Mobility
Elevate your furniture to a more convenient height and promote greater safety within your home. With our adjustable and stylish risers, you can sit and stand with ease, and enjoy easier mobility throughout your home. Our risers are designed to be used in any room, without causing damage to your flooring.

Compatible With Most Furniture
With a versatile design that adds 3" of height, these chair risers can be used on a variety of furniture, including recliners, sofas, tables, and beds. The extenders can be adjusted from 17" to 40", making them suitable for different furniture styles and a range of needs.

Compact And Lightweight
Enjoy greater convenience with these lightweight chair risers that require no assembly and can be easily stored and transported. Made of high-quality radiata wood, these risers are both stylish and durable, supporting up to 3000 pounds.

Stylish And Non-Slip
Experience improved peace of mind and safety with soft rubber pads that prevent slips the and scratches on your floor. The durable aluminum extenders and dark wood material combine to create high-quality risers that blend seamlessly with most home decor. The Vive Chair Risers also features EVA padding on the bottom and top, providing a secure, non-slip grip.


What’s Included: 2pk Chair Riser

Color(s): One color

dark brown wood base

black rod

black EVA pad

Size(s): One size

Unextended length: 42.5cm

Extended length: 102.7cm

Rod diameters:

23mm, 20mm




Product Dimensions:

Unextended: 42.5cm(L) x 9cm(W) x 9cm(H)

Extended: 102.7cm(L) x 9cm (W) x 9cm(H)

Elevate 3”

Product Weight: 1pc is 1.5lbs

Product Material(s):

New Zealand Radiata Pine




Weight Limit: 3000Ibs

Latex free: Yes

Care: Wipe down with a damp cloth and dry immediately.


Lifts recliners, chairs, tables, desks, twin beds, and more.

EVA pads on top and bottom of the wood base to avoid skidding. Thickness: 4mm

Clips on the rod to lock in place.

Wood bases are radiata pine from New Zealand.

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