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Non-Slip Bath Strips

Non-Slip Bath Strips

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Reduce slips and falls on slippery surfaces such as showers, bathtubs, and entryways with this set of 24 non-slip bath strips. Each anti-slip strip improves traction and stability with a lightly textured surface that is gentle on the skin for exceptional comfort. Backed with a strong adhesive for a secure hold, the safety strips are easy to install on any nonporus surface, including fiberglass, acrylic, tile, and more. The clear strips easily integrate with any decor and are generously sized for optimal coverage in a tub or shower.


  • Increase Traction On Slippery Surface
    Perfect for the shower, bathtub and more, the non-slip bath strips are lightly textured to improve traction and stability on smooth surfaces. Preventing harmful slips and falls, the nonslip shower stickers provide greater traction for everyone, including seniors and children. 

  • Textured Strips
    Featuring a lightly textured surface, the textured bath strips are comfortable to stand or sit on while bathing or showering. Designed to increase traction and stability, the nonslip bath strips also have a low profile to prevent snagging and lifting.

  • Easy Peel And Stick Installation
    Each nonslip safety tread includes a strong adhesive layer to ensure a secure installation. Safely use on any indoor surface, including fiberglass, acrylic, tile, and more. The self-sticking strips are also removable and will not mark the surface.

  • 24 Clear Treads
    Includes 24 treads for complete coverage of bathtub or shower stall. Each 7.5” tread is made of a clear, latex-free PVC that is durable and resistant to peeling and splitting. The clear strips are a subtle addition to any decor and are easy to clean with a nonabrasive, household cleaner.


  • What's Included:

    • 24 pack bath strips

  • Uses: Provides greater stability and traction while bathing or showering

  • Materials: PVC

  • Dimensions:

    • Length: 7.5”

    • Width: 75”

    • Thickness: 5mm

  • How to Apply:

    • Clean and dry the surface of the tub or shower thoroughly

    • Pull the paper backing off the strips to be used

    • Apply the strips to the tub or shower in regular intervals

    • Press firmly to activate adhesive

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