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Heel Wedge Post Op Shoe

Heel Wedge Post Op Shoe

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Exceptionally lightweight, the Vive heel wedge shoe is ideal for relieving painful pressure on the heel and the back of the foot following injury or surgery. The offloading wedge design shifts weight on to the toes and forefoot to allow wounds and plantar fasciitis ulcerations to heal. Constructed with a rigid textured sole, the walking shoe features a square toe box for use on the left or right foot as needed. The heel wedge healing shoe adjusts to accommodate post-surgery swelling, wound dressings and bandages with two strong fastener straps.


  • Reduces Pressure On The Heel
    Designed to shift the impact of each step on to the toes and midfoot, the Vive offloading heel wedge reduces pressure on the heel and back of the foot to relieve pain and promote healing. The wedge post op shoe is great following soft tissue or bony heel surgeries, plantar fasciitis ulcerations, wounds and sores.

  • Unique Wedge Design
    The wedge healing shoe features a modified rocker base to promote a smooth gait and an open, square toe box to accommodate bandages. Cushioning the foot and the heel area, the wedge post op shoe is padded with dense foam for greater comfort.

  • Adjusts To Accommodates Bandages
    Suitable for use on the left or right foot as needed, the heel wedge shoe easily adjusts to comfortably fit over socks, bandages and wound dressings. The post-op shoe also includes two extender tabs allowing for a personalized fit that adjusts to accommodate swollen feet. 

  • Lightweight Nonskid Base
    Exceptionally lightweight, the heel wedge surgical walking boot base is made with a durable synthetic rubber. The rigid sole is textured to provide greater traction and stability on any surface. 


  • What's Included:

    • Vive Offloading Heel Wedge Post Op Shoe

    • Two extender tabs

    • 60 day guarantee

  • Uses:

    • For relieving painful pressure on the heel following injury or surgery

    • For relieving pain due to plantar fasciitis ulcerations and similar issues

  • Weight: 0.60 pounds

  • Material:

    • Polyester mesh

    • EVA foam

    • Synthetic rubber

    • Fastener material

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