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Gel Toilet Seat Cushion

Gel Toilet Seat Cushion

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Upgrade your existing hard toilet seat with the Vive Gel Toilet Seat Cushion. Our gel toilet seat cushion is made with a durable yet soft silicone gel that relieves pressure and general discomfort caused by hard toilet seats and is easy to clean. The two-piece gel pad is self-sticking for easy installation and is suitable for both standard and elongated toilets.


  • Trim To Fit Your Toilet
    Our Vive Gel Toilet Seat Cushion is designed to fit standard and elongated toilets. Each two-piece cushion features cutting lines to create the perfect fit on top of your existing toilet seat or bedside commode and may be trimmed with standard household scissors.

  • Comfortable Cushioning
    Providing a soft layer for uncomfortably hard toilet seats, the gel toilet seat pad relieves painful pressure points and general discomfort. The seat cushion is made with a soft silicone gel that will not flatten out or lose its’ shape. 

  • Self-Adhesive Seat Pad
    Easy to install, the two-piece Vive Gel Toilet Seat Cushion is self-adhesive. Simply peel away the protective backing and press each piece of the gel seat pad in place.


  • Easy To Clean
    Making bathroom cleaning quick and easy, wipe the smooth gel seat cushion down with a disinfectant wipe or damp cloth and household cleaning solution. 


  • What’s Included:
    • 2 gel cushion (a left and a right)
    • Blister pack 
  • Color(s): Blue (285c)
  • Product Dimensions: 362 x 175.16 x 10 mm (14.252 x 6.89 x 0.59 inch) 
  • Product Weight: 0.275 Kg( 1pc)
  • Product Material(s): 100% Silicone
  • Latex free: Yes
  • Care: Wipe and clean 


  • Self-adhesive design
  • Easy to wash and reuse
  • Cutting line that works to adapt to different toilet sizes - standard and elongated
  • Easy to Carry
  • Soft High-quality Silicone
  • Smooth top design, we decided against patterned design because it might make it difficult to clean inside the grooves
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Customer Reviews

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Grant Muffgular

Gel is the new way to go for me. The comfort this pad provides is unreal.