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Compression Bicep Strap

Compression Bicep Strap

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Comfortably stabilize and support your bicep and tricep with the Vive Bicep Strap. Providing therapeutic compression, the bicep tendonitis strap alleviations muscle cramps, fatigue and swelling in the upper arm, while reducing the risk of injury. The dual fastener straps allow the bicep brace to be easily adjusted for a comfortable, yet secure fit for weightlifting, gym workouts, boxing and everyday activities.


  • Reduce Painful Muscle Tension
    Stabilizing the upper arm, the Vive Bicep Strap supports the muscles and tendons with therapeutic compression to relieve soreness, fatigue and muscle cramps. Our tricep and bicep strap alleviates pain due to tendonitis, strains and repetitive use. 

  • Soothing Compression Support
    Our bicep tendonitis brace provides soothing compression that aids in stabilizing the muscles and improving blood flow to reduce inflammation, stiffness and swelling. The upper arm compression wrap is easily adjustable to provide the perfect amount of compression for each individual.

  • Lightweight And Breathable
    Made with a latex-free neoprene blend, our bicep brace is perforated for maximum breathability. The upper arm compression strap allows heat and moisture to quickly dissipate so your arm stays cool and dry throughout the day.

  • Secure Fit
    Sized to comfortably fit most adults, the lightweight bicep strap features two fastener straps with fabric D-rings. This design ensures the brace will not slip, slide or bunch during any activity.



  • What’s Included:
        • 1 Bicep strap
        • Booklet
        • Colorbox
      • Color(s): Black
      • Size(s): L, M & S
  • Product Dimensions: 
        • Small:
          • 7-10in (bicep circumference)
          • 5.5in width
          • 58 x 14cm
          • 20cm straps
        • Medium:
          • 10-16in (bicep circumference)
          • 5.5in width
          • 60 x 14cm
          • 20cm straps
        • Large:
          • 16-20in (bicep circumference)
          • 6.5in width
          • 65 x 16cm
          • 20cm straps
  • Product Weight: 
      • S: 0.19 Kg (0.43 lbs)
      • M: 0.204Kg (0.45 lbs)
      • L: 0.226 Kg (0.50 lbs)
    • Product Material(s):
      • 30%Neoprene
      • 30%Nylon
      • 20%Polyester
      • 10%Spandex
      • 10%Springs
    • Latex free: Yes


    • Pain relief
    • Risk of preventing repetitive injuries
    • Comfortable pressure
    • Bicep & tricep support
    • Reduces stress and inflammation, soreness, cramping and fatigue. Stabilizes muscles and tendons in upper arm muscles, helps to reduce swelling
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